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Your first step to change your life to the better. Let us reach together for greatness and strive for living successful a healthy, happy and fulfilled long life. We focus here on your life as well as entrepreneurship, fitting to every one and delivering financial freedom and happiness.

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Let’s get started

This is your first step to change life to the better. Together we reach for the stars and strive for living successful a healthy, happy and fullfilled long life. Join the journey with the Free Basic Membership and profite from many great guides, tips and specials.


Master every situation.

Life is fun and can also present many challenges. How to master them, stay healthy, increase your performance and more is what this is all about. I work with you to reach a fulfilled life. Let’s change to the better together. I am excited working with you.


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Dr. Barbara Bauder

My heart project is supporting people living a fulfilled life. We are growing thanks to you. I do appreciate that you join the community. Let us work together, have fun, grow and change life and thus the world to the better. If you have specific questions or feedback please send me an e-mail. I can’t wait to get in touch with you.

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Life brings up a lot of questions and challenges to handle for each one of us. My goal is to support you in an holistic approach with all my knowledge and experience i can provide including also other experts of their field. So don’t hesitate to contact me I try my best to support. 

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The Free Basic Membership is a good first step working together. You do not have any obligations at all and profit from the special offers, the regular Newsletter, Audios and much more.

The advantages for you are:
+ Weekly Motivation Newsletter
+ Special Topics and Offers
+ Selected videos, books and audios
+ 12 % discount on micronutrients
+ Regularly special offers for more happiness and joy in life

As we grow you also can decided depending on your life-topics to join Master Classes, the Premium Membership oder Specials I will provide within the Free Basic Membership. So don’t hesitate to join. You just can win.

Looking forward that you join.
Your Barbara

The Premium Membership goes some steps further to change life to the better.

With a monthly or yearly fee – up to you – you join a sustainable and ongoing support of the life change process you can decide to start with. Covering life topics everyone has to face we will dive into the world of healthier lifestyle, body-mind-soul balance, handling challenges and much more with fun, necessary depth and empathetic approach.

As we are working intensively on the launch of this Membership you can decided to be the first being informed about exact launch date or you join in the Free Basic Membership – where you anyways will get all necessary infos and a special offer to that.

So don’t hesitate to join.
You just can win.

Looking forward that you become part.
Your Barbara

You might already feel overloaded by Newsletter and Emails you get? Trust me this one will brighten up your life and make you happier and healthier. Why? Because that’s my heart project and every day I work with passion, heart and love on delivering the best tools for change to you that allow you to live a smart, efficiently and successfully working life with joy and happiness. Let’s grow with me and support each other. I can’t wait you join my community.

Your Barbara


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